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Unconventional books for designers: INSTANT KARMA, by Barbara Ann Kipfer

Ultimately, design is always about change behavior. Whether it’s visual, interaction, physical or digital product or services, you want people to act one way or another: watch this movie, click this button, hold the cup this way, find your way

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Little design wonders

Many times is so easy to make a variation on a well known theme, using the same elements. That’s why when you find a a new approach you say ‘A-ha!’. It recently happened to me two times: Linkedin open/closed eye

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The difference between design and consulting

Design = customers. Consulting = clients Design is what you do to shape the experience of a customer within a business. Consulting is what you do to make clear your design to your client, according to its own ways. Designers

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Amazon Associates Disclosure

Psst. Sometimes I write a review of a book and place a link to its Amazon page. The thing is that I only review books I love :-)

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