I’m not a robinson

Dear Marketing Manager:

The fact that I choose not to be disturbed with phone calls or email, has nothing to do with a desire for isolation.

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Two flavors of Service Design

Recently I have experienced two very different kind of service. With both of them I have learned a lot about Service Design.

Brand New Kind-of-fast-food chain

Some friends and me went for lunch to a nearby mall. The usual “Where do we eat today?” question was early killed by a new place recently inaugurated: superb visual and interior design, well tailored marketing proposals, and the promise of heavenly hamburgers. So we entered the queue.

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Little design wonders

Many times is so easy to make a variation on a well known theme, using the same elements. That’s why when you find a a new approach you say ‘A-ha!’.
It recently happened to me two times:

Linkedin open/closed eye icon to show/hide password characters

Linkedin’s eye is more accurate than the usual padlock: now you can see, now you can’t. It is an icon full of affordance, because it’s so obvious what you get by pressing it.

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