Some tips to smooth the way for setting up the scope of a project

There are many literature pages about this, even magical methods and bullet-proof templates. Good luck with them.

I just want to share some tips and tricks that have been proved useful to me to do it smooth and painless.

Other phases have more prestige, like the Strategy, which get most of the long winded considerations. Other need more work and sweat to be done, like development. But the scope is the most delicate: is the nexus between desirable (goals, expectactions), feasible (limitations) and the definite thing (design, development, content). So treat her right.

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Actions, decisions, agreements

In any project or human endeavour, all you need to accomplish it sucessfully can be put into one of three kinds of categories:


All prior intentions, knowledge and planning end up being a decision.
They can be chunked in unique answers to simple questions.
→ The outcome is a blueprint of desired reality.


These are the rearranging of atoms or bits.
They can be chunked in simple tasks  in a precise time and place.
→ The outcome is a modified or entirely new reality.


Agreements are the glue needed to link decisions to actions.
They can be summarized as “Yes, the best thing is to stick to the statement of this decision”, and “Yes, the best thing is to follow this course of action”.
→ The outcome is success.

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Three models of change

There are three major models to change a system, whether human or corporate:

Small changes

Postulated by French philosopher Edgar Morin in his paper “The ecology of technical civilization“.
It states that hypercomplex ecosystems only can be changed by little steps, because their inner nature disallows integral transformation: The machine can’t be stopped to be redesigned all at once. And the attempts to do it in a phased and ordered manner die because they just don’t fit with all the rest of organs. And these expulse the alien body.

Does it works? No.

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