Unconventional books for designers: INSTANT KARMA, by Barbara Ann Kipfer

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Ultimately, design is always about change behavior. Whether it’s visual, interaction, physical or digital product or services, you want people to act one way or another: watch this movie, click this button, hold the cup this way, find your way in the airport…

The fact is that you need to know how behavior change happens. And your first source to experiment with is… yourself.

While you experiment with yourself, you become fully aware of what it takes to make a change: in your mindset, daily routine, unknown triggers to habit making…
If you choose to act like an alien observing human civilization without getting involved, you will get… alien insights.  Empathy disappears.

Instant Karma is a little precious book, that lists 8879 short sentences, each one suggesting one thing to do, or to stop doing, changes to make, attitudes to cultivate or to be dropped.

It’s almost impossible to open it at random and not finding a quick task you can put into action:

Seek elegance rather than luxury.
Have the good sense to stop when tired.
Care about spelling.
Let others do things their own way.
Buy local produce and ingredients.
Be polite under pressure.
Donate secondhand books.
Go a whole day without becoming angry.
Sleep in decent nightclothes instead of old T-shirts.

Instant Karma is intended to “give yourself and others good fortune right now”, which is a good side effect, and a goal by itself.
I have found and keep finding many pleasant stuff to put into practice inside this book!

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